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Beastly Diaries #5: Centaurs
This is mostly for a follow up on Unicorns (I thought I might as well carry on with the majesty of horses since I forgot to with the Colossus's and giants follow through), but to be really honest, I'm not really fond of Centaurs. Whilst I cannot deny I admire their brute strength, that's about it. They remind me too much of Satyr's (a human and got humanoid) which, after having to write an essay for about PPR's paintings of them, I never really want to look at again. 
But, even they're not my favourite mythical beast, there really are some fantastic stories and works about them all over the internet - especially here (Ha, who would have guessed?), so I thought I might as well feature my favourites among them in my beast diaries (they really are amazing you guys). 
So, anyway, enjoy!
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Vote Loki
Final issue of Vote Loki comes out tomorrow so I figured i would slap some colour on a sketch i did of Loki in the suit he wears in the series. Not really happy with his face after i added the colour but oh well.


JillJohansen's Profile Picture
Jill Johansen
Not sure what to say except I'm a Canadian artist specializing in fantasy imagery, with a fondness for chimeric creatures, animation and comic books. I am (finally!) getting ready to release my own fantasy web-comic, Kentauroi.
I know it has been a loooooong time between my most recent upload today and my last. Since it's been so long, I figured people may be curious as to why. There are a couple reasons.

First, there was problems with chronic tendonitis. I simply could not draw for very long at all without crippling pain in my hand. I have been doing stretches, exersizes, resting from the painful activity (mostly mouse use, but also drawing to a slightly lesser extent), I got a left handed mouse, massages, hot and cold packs, I started taking fish oil capsules.... It took AGES, but  I have FINALLY got it under control. It's still very much at risk, so I can't draw as much as I used to or I risk just going back to that again, but I can now get a few pictures out.

Secondly, just as my hand was beginning to heal, my computer had a total meltdown. I had a water cooling unit on my motherboard. It sprung a leak... while the computer was running. Motherboard/CPU, video card, power supply, my C drive, all toast. I had to build a new system from scratch.

but, I am back up and running now, and I will be uploading pictures again!


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May a drive of noble dragons circle your head today, showering you with earned praise, wonderful, intricate presents and lifelong good fortune.  May your friends think of you and smile and laugh, may those you love think of you and feel better and hope to see you soon.  May the year's journey 'round the sun that begins today leave you wiser, happier, more learned and eager to take a running start at the next one, and may it all begin with these sincere wishes that you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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Happy birthday.
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Happy birthday.
1klegged Featured By Owner May 1, 2016 about that Kentauroi comic?  Is that ever going to actually get started?  After all this time I still look forward to seeing it.

Though if the idle state of your gallery is anything to go by, I'm beginning to think that everything's just been abandoned.

Which is a shame, all around.

jamesgunner123 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
...happy birthday to you miss...=3
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May great rulers, just and wise, summon you to appear before them so that they and their cheering subjects may honor you this year.  May joy and friendship support and richen your merry-making, and visions of glorious color and sophistication lurk ready at your calling to assist you in your art and help you lift the world's spirits with beauty, enhanced and shared.  May every sun that sees you this year rejoice in your happiness, may a year from today find you wiser, happier, more skilled, and rejoicing at the thought of another HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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